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GA-01 Log Grab Attachment


FA Fork Arms

HGA01-HPP Gas Cylinder Grab Attachment

  • HGA01 Gas Cylinder Grab Attachment HGA01 Gas Cylinder Grab Attachment
  • HGA01 - Forklift Gas Cylinder HGA01 - Forklift Gas Cylinder
  • HGA01 - Slim arm design HGA01 - Slim arm design
  • HGA01 - Long arm reach HGA01 - Long arm reach

Quick Overview

The HGA01-HPP Gas Cylinder Grab Attachment is designed to safely grab, lift and transport gas cylinders of most sizes around the worksite.  Its long arm design allows the operator to easily load and unload from a pallet or truck.  This lifter can pick a single gas bottle from a pallet or gas cylinder bay without disturbing the others. 

• Safely handles gas cylinders ranging from 160-380mm wide
• Long arm reach for ease in loading and unloading 
• Fitted hydraulic power pack allows operation independent of the forklift hydraulic system
• Replaceable bonded rubber clamp pads
• Slip-on attachment and safety chain allows quick connection to a forklift
• Excellent operator visibility
• Also available in model without hydraulic power pack (one additional hydraulic circuit required)
• Enamel paint finish

Hydraulic Power Pack
• Remotely controlled pendant (50m distance range) with spare pendant supplied 
• 12-Volt DC hydraulic pump
• Battery & battery charger
• Robust cabinet box protects all components
• Incorporated safety features include a two-button opening function and emergency stop
• 180 AMP main fuse protects the full electrical circuit whilst a secondary 10AMP fuse adds further protection to the remote system and solenoid coils


 Working Load Limit (WLL)  250kg  250kg
 Load Centre  1800mm  1800mm
 Opening Range  160-380mm  160-380mm
 Unit Weight  200kg  250kg
 Fork Pocket Size  190 x 90mm  190 x 90mm
 Fork Pocket Centres  350mm  350mm
 Hydraulic Power Pack  No  Yes
 Hydraulic Pump  -  12-Volt DC


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